The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center is a nurturing place for children to discover their unique personalities and abilities.  We are dedicated to each child with the best possible secular education as well as a warm introduction to the joyous traditions of Judaism. Our primary focus is on the needs of the individual child and how he or she can be best helped to reach his or her potential.  It is our belief that by providing small family-like classes both the children and their parents can be personally cared for and have their needs met in the best possible way. At Chai Tots, we strive to instill within every child a desire to be a life-long learner. Our students are proud of their heritage and develop a positive and warm association with Judaism.


Chai Tots is dedicated to providing a secure environment where our children can feel comfortable exploring and learning about the world around them, their history, and the Jewish holidays and traditions. In this environment they can grow and develop at their own individual rate and be proud of their heritage and who they are. This is achieved through offering a program enriched with hands-on experience in an integrated Montessori program.

All of the Jewish holidays are taught through hands-on experiences that allow each child to relate to the holiday and experience it in a meaningful way. All areas of the curriculum are open for the children to freely explore as their curiosity dictates. They will be involved with the exploring and manipulating of materials, and the testing of new concepts.

The teacher’s role is to facilitate and encourage... The children’s interaction with each other is also an important opportunity for growth; they learn how to work and interact with each other within a caring social setting while finding constructive solutions.

The programs of The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center arise from a common desire for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families. Our philosophy is one of nurturing, growth and development, relationships and understanding - all in the goal of establishing a love for learning, a fascination with holidays and life cycles events, and a passion for approaching the world in a Jewish way.

Children are treasured for their uniqueness and individuality, and are encouraged in self-expression.

While The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center operates classrooms which are individualized in their goals & objectives, each classroom forms its specific aims within the context of these principles.

We believe …

  • that the home is the most important factor in a child's development. We will always strive to support and complement the family in order to promote healthy development of children and parents.
  • that loving, trusting, and respecting each child makes that child capable of loving, trusting and respecting others.
  • that each child should be guided and encouraged to have a positive self-image.
  • that children need a nurturing, safe and happy environment which promotes their natural curiosity and desire to learn.
  • that play is the work of children and through it children explore the world around them by using their senses.
  • that children deserve to have teachers whose values enable them to be excellent role models.

At The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center we see each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care. This concept is what governs our school's educational approach. At Chai Tots, emphasis is placed on the individual child and on encouraging each child's innate inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge. Small classes and high student-teacher ratios ensure each child receives individual and caring attention.


The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child. The school is devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents. We provide children with the early foundation and framework to prepare them for the transition to elementary school. In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to their Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

We nourish your child’s heart and mind, as they develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, so that your child will be a well-rounded person capable of solving problems and adapting to new situations.

At Chai Tots, we endeavor to:

Provide a strong academic curriculum. Through detailed record keeping and various levels of class works, we aim to provide each child with an ideal learning environment that is tailored to his or her individual needs.

Help your child build a positive Jewish identity. By celebrating Jewish holidays and Shabbat as well as exposing your child to stories from the Torah, daily prayers and blessings, we will lay the foundation for your child’s positive Jewish identity. Hebrew is introduced through songs, stories, and letter recognition and Jewish values are explored through integrated works, circle time discussions, art and stories. We want your child to not only learn about life as a Jew, but will come to love it too!

Facilitate in your child’s emotional development. To help each child express him or herself in a socially acceptable way, we try to model positive social behavior and help the children express and understand their feelings and reactions to daily events. We encourage each child to make choices, with respect towards him/herself, others and his/her surroundings. This helps develop your child's self esteem, self-efficacy and belief in him/herself.

Create a supportive environment for your child’s social development. Play is a rich social experience through which your child learns and discovers many things about the world, including sharing and negotiating skills. Creativity and appropriate social interactions are nurtured in Chai Tots’ warm classroom environments.

Provide a safe, home-like, and stress-free environment where your child can thrive. By observing and interacting with their peers and listening to each other in a calm and balanced environment, the children will learn to work both independently and cooperatively all the while building their self-esteem.

Stimulate your child’s physical development. Through gross motor exercises as well as fine motor activities, your child will be presented with a multitude of activities to stimulate his or her physical development. Throughout the year, indoor and outdoor physical activities will be offered at developmentally appropriate levels.

Care for your child’s physical health and well being. Our child-centered environment is a safe place for your child to grow. Chai Tots provides healthy snacks and the school facilities are kept in clean and sanitary condition. All health and emergency forms must be received before your child enters the program. Staff members are trained in C.P.R. and first aid.

Instill in your child a love of Eretz Israel. Through language and cultural activities integrated into the daily program, we will guide your child along the path to becoming a proud member of our community who has a special love of Israel.


“My husband and I feel very fortunate to have found Chai Tots. We feel this is the perfect all around education for our son, and soon our daughter. It is overflowing with Jewish culture as well as the practical skills they will need to succeed in Kindergarten. It is a great feeling to take our child to school and feel like we are dropping him off to members of our own family. We are thrilled with the warm and loving environment they have created for all the children. Our son enjoys learning the prayers and Jewish holidays right along with his ABC’s and counting. It seems like everyday he is teaching me a new Hebrew word or song." — Laura Rossey, Mason, Former Public School Teacher

“Madi develops important life skills while learning Hebrew and having a sense of being Jewish. Our whole family is hooked.” — Dianne H.

"The combination of a top-notch Montessori program, warm and caring teachers, and a Jewish education help make Chai Tots a unique and special school. The best endorsement you can provide a school is that your children love going there – and that is exactly the case for our family. Thank you Chai Tots!" — Julie Benzaquen, Child Psychologist

“It is a great feeling to take our child to school and feel like we are dropping him off to members of our own family.” — Bill and Laura R

“The Jewish Discovery Center either attracts wonderful people to it or takes good people and helps them to become even better, and I have a suspicion it is the latter. I feel part of a wonderful extended family.” — Melissa H

“Rabbi and Rochel, you created this community and with G-d’s help the community continues to grow and flourish. It is heartwarming to be a part of it.” — The Helton Family

“WOW! Chai Tots is overflowing with Jewish culture as well as the practical skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten.” — Bill R.

“We have been so pleased with our experience at Chai Tots! It is evident that the staff care so much for the children and love what they do.” — Melissa H.

“The fact that my daughter is so excited and happy to come proves that all you are doing is positive.” — David L.

“We love Chai Tots! It is a wonderful combination of Montessori and Jewish learning.” — The Hardins

“My husband and I were very apprehensive about sending our baby to traditional daycare. We found Chai Tots is not traditional! We were instantly welcomed into the Chai Tot family. Baby Ari receives so much love and personal attention from the teachers. The atmosphere is calm and soothing. The teachers are loving and generous with the babies. Under their care and guidance she has learned so many new skills and has grown so much. We are grateful to have found such a wonderful place.” — Amy Westheimer